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..real value in real world..

nothing speacial today,
but when i was driving,
turn on radio...

i heard a Dj said it about

unemployee rate is keeping increase, how people to solve or avoid?
college freshmen can get a job after graduated?

the conclusion:
employees have speacilize knowledges is difficulty to be another person replace your jobs.

what meant speacilize knowledges?

i think i meant have professional paper or certificate on hand....

i tried to find what type of jobs i can apply after finished my diploma.

i dip into a part of job vacancy jobs of newspaper.

-Degree in accounting
-Qualified fresh accounts graduate
+Accounts Assistant
-LCCI or diploma level
-Minimum 2 years in accounts function
-Able to work independently with minimum supervision

+Sales Executive
- 2 years experience
-below 30 year old
-Minimum SPM level
-Good in english
-ability to speak in malaya and mandarin
-Willing to travel
-Car provided

+Operation Clerk
-Must be computer literate
-Fluent in english, mandarin and malay
-Remuneration will commensurate with experince

+Sales Coordinate
-Diploma in any field
-Fluent in english, malay, mandarin
-Good in commincation skill in an encourage to apply

Is my general skill or my speacilize knowledges?
to be annoyed....
already can imagine how difficulty find a suitable job.
now i know why my parents always said

so what can i do?
enjoying college life, asking pocket money from parents,
finished all,
my parents is asking me back pocket money.

how damn!!!!

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