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=be an investor or office worker=

what investment can do as a student?

such as IRC(Island Red Cafe) or AMWAY

i'm sure all of you have heard this before...

what benefits you will get after you throw your money to invest

IRC just need rm360 as a register fee, but rm300 is your voucher.

what you do after joined? just efforts to find a pair of member who are interested to invest

a number of my friends have already take part in

my problem is where i get the money to invest?

yaa, from parents.

my parents given me the feedback is: " why you need do this kind investment when you as a student? just do what a student should do in college, please focus in your studies, bla bla bla, a nagging voice...........

why you willing to give me money to shopping, watch movie, sing k, rather than give me a chance to learn somethings.

compare to fully time jobs receive a fixed salary... work &work& work

working from 8am to 6pm, maybe sometime overtime until 8pm...

end of month, try to review your bank account.. if your real salary rm1000, minus all expenses, what the final figure that you can use it...

year to year, maybe there have a chance promoted,but you can wait until how many years...

5y? 10y? or more &more...

both of them have own advantages and disadvantages, but if have opportunity why not try to hold it better than sit at there waiting...

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  • i dun think tat is a good business for u to participate it, i heard it oso, but if u think and plan for the furthest way, it is not a good business^^ and tat wan is not easy for u to continue in long life! u must be understanding onto all the IRC details, i wrote dis comment jz to gf u as an advice, u better think careful before u join^^ good luck

    May 7, 2009 at 1:15 PM

  • haha.. thx for ur advice, actually my friend who have already joined also not yet get back their capital, so i'll be careful before i do that...if i able, i wan use my own $ to invest more profitable business(nt AMYWAY or IRC).. but the thing is 30 years later~ ^^

    May 7, 2009 at 9:22 PM

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