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¥On Vacation

~ timetable released~
every semester,
we always complaint the time-table
this semester are no exception
especially tuesday
start at morning 8am until night 7.30pm
From 27 april until today
wad have i done?
-watch movie, singk, shopping, etc....
(seen a boring holiday)
1 month sem break
i just worked for 4 day only~
all my expenses from my bama bank-- (payteng taught me)
try to plan activity without use money....
e.g, hiking, swimming, windown shopping
(but sometimes out of control)
worth mentioning,
cys, oys, mr ang and me
went she anne's house..
wad u do at thr?
playing mahjong~
this is my 1st time to play
but most of them
just "half bucket of water"
playing while learning
碰! 碰! 碰! 碰!

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