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! a good-for-nothing !

a suburban lifestyle,
eating, sleeping,

then...rushing assignments,
doing some revision ( ineffective to me)

my entertainments--

  • msn

  • facebook

  • checked my mail

  • watched my favorite tv program "1 day 2 nights"

done some quiz from facebook__


--Where will you be 10 years from now--

Result : Theme park

10 years from now.. ( i'm close on thirty at that time)

you'll be seen in a theme park having a walk with your loved one! ( are you sure about that?)

You enjoy living the life for the moment.. ( i hope so)

You also love traveling! ( yeah! you are right.)

You always take things slow and calm! (depend on what happened )

But beware, time passess by, you never know maybe later or tomorrow would be your last day and you'll regret the things you haven't done! ( agreed*)

--What are you hiding from people--

Result : Emotions

You tend to laugh and joke around when you are with everyone, (showing me a demonic apperance)

but you feel lonely and empty when are all alone. ( only a few friends that i can communicated well)

you cry alone when you have stress and problems. (feeling weird if cry in front of friends)

you often have many problems that are bugging

you, but you never show them out on your face.(i will show on my face if i was feeling weepy)

you are not as cheerful as they thought, ( i will more cheerful in having good mood)

but you just don't wish to spoilt the mood of everyone,

hence you hide your emotions inside. (have many emotions would like to be expressed)

you are just a weak human with feelings afterall. (but don't know how to.....)

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